Howell Park

Project Description

Crabapple LandscapExperts had the opportunity to replace an old, dilapidated timber wall at a customer property. Based on the height requirements of the wall, an engineer needed to be engaged. This engineering process required a site survey, drawings created by the engineering team, and submittals to the county for permit approvals.

The wall was in a tight location, between townhomes, with utilities, air conditioning units, and existing landscaping and patios. The Crabapple Team carefully navigated all the obstacles, removing the existing timber wall and constructing a concrete block wall using Belgard Diamond Pro 9 wall block. The engineering firm regularly inspected the installation to ensure we followed their specifications. As the wall was over 4’, a fence was required for fall protection.

The new block wall and black spear-top fence combination provides an aesthetically pleasing wall while protecting the property from erosion and supporting the building foundations and plantings.

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