Stormwater Management

Comprehensive Stormwater management Services

Effective stormwater management is a necessary part of maintaining an environmentally friendly and compliant commercial property.

In highly developed areas like metro-Atlanta, effective stormwater management is a must. The large number of hard surfaces such as roads, roofs, and parking lots mean there’s less exposed ground. Without exposed ground to absorb it, excess rainfall has nowhere to go.

As a result, water runs across these hard surfaces, rapidly filling storm sewers and drainage systems. This can lead to flooding, erosion, sanitary sewer system overflow, and even infrastructure damage.

At Crabapple LandscapExperts, we specialize in providing tailored solutions for effective stormwater management. We ensure your commercial property remains compliant with environmental regulations while reducing the risks associated with stormwater runoff.

Whether you have a retention pond, detention pond or drainage basin, Crabapple LandscapExperts has the skill and knowledge you need. We can clear inlets, remove invasive vegetation and repair basin erosion.

Understanding Stormwater Management

Stormwater management refers to the practices used to control, treat, and reduce runoff. It involves a range of strategies aimed at preventing flooding, erosion, and stormwater pollution. This is crucial to maintaining the health of our water and protecting ecosystems. For commercial properties, it also ensures they remain compliant with local regulations.

Crabapple LandscapExperts are certified with the Georgia Real Estate Commission and we teach two Stormwater classes annually. Click below to learn more!

The Importance of Stormwater Management for Commercial Properties

Most commonly found in highly-developed areas, commercial properties tend to have large hard surfaces such as parking lots and roofs. Aside from relatively small landscape beds, their properties usually don’t offer many places for stormwater to go. Without proper management, this excess water can overwhelm drainage systems, leading to flooding, property damage, and pollution.

By implementing effective stormwater management practices, businesses can mitigate these problems. It also reduces liability risks and helps create a positive public image for your brand.

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Potential Risks of Poor Stormwater Management

Lack of proper stormwater management can lead to the following problems:

Aerial view of tightly located family houses with retention ponds to prevent flooding in Florida closed suburban area. Real estate development in american suburbs

Environmental Concerns

Uncontrolled stormwater runoff can pick up pollutants, including sediment, chemicals, oils, and heavy metals. These pollutants then enter local bodies of water, degrading the water quality and causing harm to aquatic life. Effective stormwater management practices help reduce these risks, protecting the health of local ecosystems and downstream water quality.

Regulatory Compliance

Most commercial areas have strict regulations that govern stormwater management. If your business isn’t in compliance, you can be fined, penalized, and suffer damage to your reputation. Partnering with a professional stormwater management service provider like Crabapple LandscapExperts helps your commercial property reduce these risks. We understand the latest regulations, so our best practices are always up to date. This helps save you money and avoids legal complications

Crabapple LandscapExperts Stormwater Management Services

Our stormwater management services include:  

Site Assessment and Planning

First, we conduct an expert assessment of your commercial property. Our team will analyze topography, existing drainage infrastructure, and potential sources of pollution. We use this information to develop a stormwater management plan tailored to your business. A custom plan not only meets regulatory requirements, but addresses your specific needs and areas of concern.

Maintenance and Monitoring

Regular maintenance is essential to ensure the long-term effectiveness of a stormwater management system. Crabapple LandscapExperts offers comprehensive maintenance services, including:

  • MS4 certified inspection
  • Sediment and debris removal
  • Dredging
  • Aquatic vegetation management


We also provide ongoing monitoring. That way, we can identify any potential issues before they become a problem. We will then make any necessary adjustments to ensure optimal system performance.

Regulatory Compliance

The Crabapple LandscapExperts team helps our clients understand local guidelines for retention and detention ponds. We will assess the needs of your pond and provide solutions to ensure it’s in compliance with county regulations. We are certified by the Georgia Real Estate Commission to provide continuing education workshops on proper stormwater management practices and code compliance.

System Repair

Effective stormwater management is an ongoing battle against the harmful effects of excess runoff. Even well-designed systems can experience erosion and damaged infrastructure over time. We have the proper machinery and knowledge to repair any stormwater control measure that’s not functioning as it should. This includes:

  • Slope stabilization and repair
  • Concrete repair work
  • Sand filter and infiltration trench repairs
  • Headwall repair
  • Safety fencing repair

Aquatic Planting

Excess vegetation can be harmful, but the right aquatic plants offer important benefits to ponds and stormwater management systems. Aquatic plants help with settling and removal of sediment and pollutants. They improve water quality by slowing the rate of flow and filtering impurities. The experienced team at Crabapple LandscapExperts can select the right aquatic plants for your site. Additionally, our maintenance programs will ensure they have a healthy environment in order to thrive.

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Reduce the risks associated with stormwater runoff, protect the environment, and ensure compliance with Atlanta area regulations. 

Partner With a Stormwater Management Professional

There are many reasons to choose Crabapple LandscapExperts as your stormwater management partner:

Expertise and Experience

With years of industry experience, our team has the expertise to deliver high-quality services tailored to your unique requirements. We stay up to date with the latest regulations and industry best practices. This ensures that you receive the most effective and compliant stormwater management solutions.

Best Management Practices

By partnering with Crabapple LandscapExperts, you ensure a variety of best management practices to effectively control stormwater runoff. These include but are not limited to:

  • Installing retention and detention ponds
  • Constructing bioswales and rain gardens
  • Implementing permeable pavement
  • Designing effective drainage systems.


By employing these practices, we can help you minimize the impact of stormwater runoff and promote the natural filtration of water.

Cost-Effective Solutions

Flooding damage and non-compliance penalties can hurt a business’ bottom line. Effective stormwater management helps reduce these risks, saving you money over the long-run. It also helps prevent damage to your business’ reputation, which can negatively impact sales. Our services are designed to provide you with cost-effective solutions. We will meet your stormwater management needs and deliver long-term value for your business.

Environmental Sustainability

At Crabapple LandscapExperts, we prioritize environmental protection in all our stormwater management practices. By implementing these eco-friendly solutions, our services promote natural water filtration. This helps you create a greener business. Our commitment to environmental responsibility ensures that your commercial property is aligned with the growing demand for a more sustainable future.

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