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Enhance Your Commercial Property with Seasonal Color

When it comes to curb appeal, nothing creates visual impact like seasonal color flowers. The right mix of annuals can add color, variety and beauty in every season. However, the benefits of attractive seasonal color go well beyond looking pretty. Numerous studies show that professionally planned and maintained landscaping has a positive impact on customer and tenant satisfaction. Higher satisfaction leads to more traffic. More traffic brings greater tenant retention and expands leasing contracts.  If you’re looking to enhance your commercial property, seasonal color is one of the best practices for maximizing ROI.  

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The Benefits of Seasonal Color

Rotating beds and containers filled with eye-catching flowers help enhance commercial properties in the following ways: 

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Higher Curb Appeal

Curb appeal matters. Statistics show that exterior improvements boost business and deliver significant return-on-investment. Not only does beautiful landscaping draw customers, but it also helps reduce stress. Relaxed people feel more at ease and are more likely to have a positive impression of the associated business. This translates into a longer time spent shopping or dining, increased sales, and happier tenants. Additionally, commercial tenants may be able to charge slightly higher prices due to an enhanced perception of their quality.  

Increased Property Value

Industry research shows that properties with professionally maintained landscapes bring higher resale prices as well. In fact, a study conducted by the American Society of Landscape Architects (ASLA) found that professional landscaping can increase a property’s value by as much as 20%. If you’re considering a potential sale, investing in landscaping is one of the most effective ways to maximize potential returns.

Boosted Occupancy Rates

It’s no surprise that people prefer beauty. They will often travel further or pay more to patronize, work in, or live in areas that are aesthetically pleasing. This increase in traffic is what commercial tenants want to see before they commit to a lease. Research from Texas A&M University on the Economic Benefits of Plants showed that professionally designed and installed landscapes have a high correlation with commercial occupancy rates.  

Enhanced Brand Image

Many businesses spend considerable time, training, and money on the in-store customer experience. From customer service to attractive décor, these measures win loyalty. However, commercial exteriors can be just as important. 95% of consumers consider a business’s outward appearance an important factor when deciding where to shop, dine or do business. A professionally maintained landscape with vivid seasonal color flowers helps reinforce a professional and reputable brand image.  

The Seasonal Color Installation Process

Installing seasonal plantings rotations that enhance your commercial property means more than just putting new plants in the ground. Crabapple LandscapExperts offer a tailor-made process to ensure the best results.    

Assessing the Site

We evaluate factors like sunlight, soil conditions, and existing landscape features. This ensures your seasonal color plantings will not only look good but thrive.

Choosing the Right Plants

We know which plants flourish in our north Georgia climate, USDA growing zones 7-8. We choose ones that will provide continuous blooms and visual appeal, no matter the season.  

Seasonal Maintenance

We engage in proper maintenance practices including watering, fertilizing, pruning, and pest control. That way, your seasonal plantings stay healthy and attractive.  

Plant Installation

Proper plant placement is just as important as selection. We choose the best locations and prepare the beds to get plants off to a healthy start and reduce future maintenance costs. 

Show-Stopping Seasonal Color

Enhance Your Commercial Property with Seasonal Plantings Today!

Popular Seasonal Flower Choices for Metro Atlanta, Georgia.

Knowing which seasonal color flowers to plant means understanding the local climate and the soil, as well as your business’s design aesthetic. As seasonal color specialists, Crabapple LandscapeExperts can help you choose the right flowers for our North Georgia growing zones.   

Most seasonal color plantings involve the use of annual flowers. The short lifespan of these flowers means they often grow faster and bloom longer than other plants. This quick growth and bountiful blooming habit make them excellent choices for rotating flowerbeds and displays.     

Most annuals are also low maintenance, which means they don’t require a lot of care or upkeep once they’re installed.  While we tailor each landscape design to the unique style and needs of our commercial clients, there are a number of popular flowers that we consider reliable seasonal color favorites.  

Spring Bulbs


Summer Color


Fall Flowers

Garden Mums

Winter Interest

Ornamental Cabbage
Ornamental Kale
  • Daffodils  
  • Tulips  
  • Hyacinth  
  • Candytuft  
  • Phlox  
  • Iris  
  • Lantana  
  • Begonias  
  • Coleus  
  • Garden Mums  
  • Salvia  
  • Snapdragons  
  • Ornamental Cabbage  
  • Ornamental Kale  
  • Pansies  
  • Violas  
  • Mustards   
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Your Seasonal Color Partner

As a property manager, we understand you want to be sure your property looks as good as possible without breaking the bank. That means hiring a professional landscape partner that understands which seasonal color flowers will give you the most beauty for your landscaping dollar.  Crabapple LandscapExperts utilizes horticultural best practices and customizes design and installation so that it’s tailored to your property’s specific needs.  

We’re also experts in flower bed preparation and maintenance. With the Crabapple team, you can be confident your landscape will thrive with vivid show-stopping color in every growing season.     

We’re dedicated to making your property look its colorful best!

If you’re looking to enhance your metro Atlanta property with seasonal color flowers, contact us to get started.