Landscaping Contracts 101

Your Guide to Beautiful Commercial Outdoor Spaces 

landscaping contracts

If you own a commercial property in Atlanta, you know the importance of maintaining an attractive outdoor space. In a city of seemingly perpetual growth, competition for tenants and customers can be fierce. Landscaping contracts can be a game-changer, ensuring your property’s green areas are well-managed. This enhances the overall appeal and creates a welcoming atmosphere – essential for attracting and retaining occupants and business traffic 

At Crabapple LandscapExperts, we understand the importance of finding a landscape company you can work with for the long haul. You want a provider that you can trust, reliable and top-quality service, and you want it to fit within your budget. That’s why landscaping contracts are essential. Having everything spelled out in writing establishes expectations, timelines, services, and costs so that you don’t have to worry about what to expect from your commercial landscaping partner. 

We’ll walk you through the ins and outs of landscaping contracts, what to consider when hiring a professional, and how Crabapple LandscapExperts can help you achieve the outdoor oasis of your dreams. 

The Benefits of Landscaping Contracts

Consistent and Professional Maintenance

With a landscaping contract, you can expect regular and timely maintenance of your outdoor spaces. Professional landscapers will handle tasks such as mowing, pruning, fertilizing, and pest control, ensuring your property always looks its best. 

Landscaping contracts offer numerous advantages for commercial property owners. Here are some key benefits you can enjoy: 

Enhanced Curb Appeal

Well-maintained landscapes create a positive first impression, attracting visitors, tenants, and potential clients. A visually appealing exterior sets your property apart and conveys a sense of professionalism and care. 

Cost Savings

By signing a landscaping contract, you can often secure a better price for ongoing maintenance services. Additionally, regular care helps prevent costly problems down the line, such as overgrown plants, weed infestations, or neglected irrigation systems. 

Services Included in Commercial Landscape Contracts

Several factors determine the price of the bid in a commercial landscaping contract. These include: 

  • Property size 
  • Frequency of service 
  • Project scope (types of services) 

Many commercial landscaping providers break down their services into the following categories: 

  • Landscape maintenance/lawn and plant care 
  • Stormwater management/drainage 
  • Irrigation services 
  • Landscape design/construction 
  • Landscape lighting 
  • Tree pruning/removal 
  • Bed enhancements/seasonal color 

What’s the Best Length of Time for a Landscape Contract?

When partnering with a landscape company, you’re looking to build a relationship that will benefit you for years to come. Typical landscape contracts last from one to three years. If it’s a company you’ve never worked with before, signing a contract for the extended length of time might seem a little scary. After all, a lot can happen in three years. 

However, there are some distinct advantages to signing a long-term contract that warrant consideration: 

  • Relationship Development: A longer contract allows your landscape partner time to get to know your site and its unique needs. It also gives you a chance to get to know your contractor. 
  • Budgeting and Planning: A three-year contract typically locks in an agreed-upon price for the duration of the contract. For property managers, that means you can strategically plan the use of those locked-in dollars and avoid unpleasant budget surprises. 
  • Fewer Requests for Proposal (RFP): Going through the bidding process is a headache that many property manners would like to avoid if possible. Long-term landscape contracts take this headache off your to-do list. 

Choosing the Right Landscaping Contractor

When selecting a landscaping contractor for your Atlanta-based commercial property, there are several factors to consider: 

Experience and Expertise

Look for a company with a proven track record in commercial landscaping. Experienced professionals understand the unique challenges of maintaining outdoor spaces in Atlanta’s climate and can offer tailored solutions. 

Comprehensive Services

Ensure the contractor offers a wide range of services, including lawn maintenance, tree care, irrigation system installation and maintenance, seasonal planting, and hardscape design. A one-stop-shop can save you time and hassle. 

Reputation and Reviews

Check online reviews and testimonials from previous clients to gauge the contractor’s reputation and customer satisfaction. A reputable company should be willing to provide references upon request. 

Customization and Communication

At Crabapple LandscapExperts, we are dedicated to transforming commercial properties in Atlanta into captivating outdoor spaces. Our team of experienced landscapers understands the unique challenges posed by Atlanta’s climate and terrain, and we offer a wide range of customizable services to meet your needs. 

With our landscaping contracts, you can expect: 

  • Regular maintenance services, including mowing, trimming, edging, and leaf removal. 
  • Expert care for trees and shrubs, including pruning, fertilization, and disease control. 
  • Efficient irrigation system installation, repair, and maintenance. 
  • Seasonal planting and flower bed design to keep your property vibrant all year round. 
  • Hardscape design and installation, including pathways, patios, and outdoor lighting. 
  • Responsive communication and a commitment to exceeding your expectations. 


Investing in a landscaping contract for your Atlanta-based commercial property will enhance your property’s appeal and create a welcoming environment for visitors and clients. By choosing a reputable landscaping contractor like Crabapple LandscapExperts, you can enjoy the benefits of experience needed to tackle Atlanta’s unique landscaping challenges. 

Contact us today to discuss your landscaping needs. We will help you create a beautiful outdoor space that leaves a lasting impression. 

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