TIME TO GIVE YOUR SHRUBS A MAKEOVER - 8 Reasons Why They Deserve It!

Hey plant lovers! Is your backyard turning into an untamed wilderness or are your shrubs getting a little too familiar with your windows? It might be time for a serious shrub makeover. Giving your overgrown shrubs a healthy rejuvenation prune is essential for maintaining a beautiful landscape, whether it’s in your home or commercial space. When is aggressive pruning necessary, you ask? Well, let’s think of it as a makeover for your shrubs. Over time, your shrubs will mature regular monthly pruning isn’t enough for the rapid growth of mature shrubs.

Rejuvenation pruning involves removing larger sections of branches, shaping your shrubs and trees in a way that promotes healthy growth and enhances their overall appearance. Selectively cutting back branches and removing any dead or diseased sections allow your plants to redirect their energy towards new growth and development. Rejuvenation pruning is the name of the game, and it’s best done in the mid-fall or early spring, just before new growth starts to emerge. So, let’s dive into the exciting world of shrub rejuvenation.


1. Keep Them in Check Pruning – prevents shrubs from outgrowing their designated areas, ensuring they don’t encroach on sidewalks or block windows and buildings.

2. Say Goodbye to Dead or Damaged Branches – removing these branches not only maintains the shape and vigor of your shrubs but also promotes overall health.

3. Bring Back Natural Beauty – Rejuvenation pruning can restore the graceful, natural shape of shrubs that were once sheared into unnatural square or cube shapes or subjected to “inverted” hedge pruning that shadows out lower branches.

4. Remove the Unwanted – Get rid of weak and overcrowded growth, as well as crossing or rubbing branches. This opens up the center of the shrub and improves air circulation within the plant.

5. Revitalize Aging Plants -rejuvenation pruning encourages youthful growth habits and restores vitality to aging plants.

6. Protect Life and Property -proper pruning eliminates hazards to property, painted facades, and over head wires.

7. Enhance Security -overgrown shrubs can hide unauthorized break-ins at vulnerable points like windows. Keeping them well pruned increases visibility and deters potential intruders.

8. Boost Flowering and Fruiting Pruning – stimulates the growth of new wood, leading to more abundant flowers and fruits.

Rejuvenation pruning gives your shrubs a fresh start. By mid-summer, you’ll notice significant growth on your freshly pruned shrubs, and the full effect will be seen in the season following the rejuvenation prune. Flowering shrubs will produce more blooms in the following years, while shrubs with colorful stems, like dogwoods, come back even brighter and more vibrant after rejuvenation pruning. Depending on the plant variety, rejuvenation pruning is typically done every 3-6 years. 

Give our team a call today for a property audit and the best recommendations for your shrubs. Dial 770-740-9739. It’s time to give your shrubs the makeover they deserve! 

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