Heat Up Your Commercial Interior with Plantscaping by Crabapple

Commercial Interior with Plantscaping

Crabapple has widened its capabilities to encompass Interior Plantscaping, providing equally effective on indoor landscapes.  

Crabapple LandscapExperts is the fifth largest landscape maintenance company in Georgia, professionally caring for the outdoor properties of many commercial, retail, business, resort, and community-living clients. Lawns, landscapes, playgrounds, public meeting areas, flower beds, circulation and pathways, irrigation, lighting and surfaces are professionally maintained to the highest industry standards by the LandscapExperts team.  

Crabapple Floriculture/Seasonal Color Managers work with a talented group of professionals in the Enhancements Department to create colorful and healthy flower beds for Crabapple clients. They meets with clients, designs, purchases, installs and coordinates the maintenance schedules of Crabapple’s seasonal color beds and containers to insure their appeal, health, vigor and year-round beauty. 

When longtime client the Hilton Garden Inn in Cartersville, Georgia approached the Enhancements Department for an interior plan to augment their attractive entrance and grounds, she drew on her seasonal color design experience to create a striking interior landscape for the Lobby of the Inn substituting tropicals. “When Hilton reached out to Crabapple’s Enhancement Department for assistance, I was thrilled to take on the project,” she noted.  

Commercial plantscaping.

CrabappleLandscapExperts advise commercial and residential managers and HOAs that interior plantscaping: 

  • Dramatically welcomes guests and residents 
  • Reinforces the “Garden Inn” theme of the Hilton 
  • Adds to a feeling of well-being 
  • Reduces stress indoors (and out) 
  • Improves air quality by increasing oxygen and humidity to the Lobby air  
  • Decreases carbon dioxide and dust motes 
  • Reduces background noise  

Planting Area

The containers were purchase ahead of time by the Hilton Garden Inn. The largest containers stand about four feet tall with a planting area of five square feet. 

Inventory of Site Conditions

Crabapple’s inventory of site conditions in the Hotel Lobby revealed the perfect lighting for interior landscaping. Bright indirect natural light from many windows is supplemented with soft light from many electrical fixtures. These conditions match light requirements for a large number of  interior plants in the tropical palette. Most interior plants we use come from the tropical rain forest where the days are bright but get very little direct sunlight.   

LandscapEXPERTS Expertise

Drawing on seasonal color design experience, the interior team sourced the tropical plant material, then combined foliage colors, fine and bold textures, varying heights, tropical blooms, and growth patterns in tropical plants to produce a luxurious, easily-maintained tropical bower welcoming Hotel guests.   

CrabappleLandscape Experts can create an indoor environment for you!  

About 90% of the time is spent indoors. Interior plants are an ideal way to create attractive settings for hotels, professional buildings, neighborhood clubhouses, and shopping centers, really anywhere. Indoor plants not only convert carbon dioxide onto oxygen; they trap and absorb many harmful pollutants, all the while enhancing our sense of well-being. Indoor environments add to the décor and overall ambiance of your workplace, hotels, and amenity buildings. Crabapple would love to come out and meet with you to discuss and plan your interior landscapes. We can build it from the ground up. Crabapple is now creating outstanding indoor environments!   

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